Search engines, social media, email, apps, websites, and any other new digital channels that could emerge with the prospect of advertising are all included in digital marketing. It also covers analogue media sources that are accessible offline.

There are the following benefits of Digital Marketing:-
1) Global online reach and visibility
2) Effective targeting
3) Increases results of offline marketing tactics
4) Cost
5) Variety in digital marketing strategies
6) Multiple content types
7) Increased engagement
8) Speed
9) Analytics and optimization
10) Easy to start

Global Online Reach & Visibility:-
Given that internet marketing is a global phenomena, you might reach a huge audience with it. Compared to traditional marketing, which is largely geographically confined, coordinating a global marketing effort may be difficult and time-consuming.

Local Visibility:-
Local businesses looking to increase the number of people that buy from them may benefit from and save money by using local SEO and local web marketing.

Effective Targeting:-
Because conventional marketing strategies’ consumers may not be as well-defined as those of digital strategies, their targeting restrictions will drive up your overall marketing expenses.

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